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Drumchapel Sports Centre plays host to Aerobic Table Tennis & Pink Pong - CRUK Charity Event

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Aerobic Table Tennis Turns Pink to Support Cancer Charity

Situated in the Scottish city of Glasgow, the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club sets an example to all; not only is the organisation former winner of the British League, in addition the club is very conscious of its need to serve the local community.

Supported by Table Tennis Scotland, on Friday 30th January Aerobic Table Tennis was the feature as part of an overall programme to support Pink Pong, a charity that uses the sport of table tennis to organise events, and raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

Over 60 girls attended with a total of £1,182.80 being raised.


Great Charity
"Pink Pong is a great charity that does fantastic work to raise funds for cancer research”, said Steve Rowe, the founder of Aerobic Table Tennis. “Liz May the founder of Pink Pong asked if I would use Aerobic Table Tennis to organise some charity events; of course I agreed."

To date Pink Pong has raised around £50,000 towards Cancer Research UK, following events being staged throughout the country.

Amazing Feeling
"For Aerobic Table Tennis to be used in such a way that we can raise funds to help cancer patients, is just amazing; it makes me very happy indeed”, added Steve Rowe. “Liz May does a tireless job and is one hundred per cent behind the charity; Liz is constantly thinking of new ideas on how to use Pink Pong to raise money, she is a great lady with a big heart."

Disability Group
Earlier in the day, a disabled Aerobic Table Tennis Session was held with the Fortune Works Adult Disability Group. 

A great success, some 30 disabled adults took part in the session with the money raised from this session being added to the final amount at the end of the evening.

Dressed for Occasion
“It was a fantastic evening; the kids had a great time performing Aerobic Table Tennis, the kids even thought to all dress in pink, which certainly added to the event”, explained Steve Rowe. “Many people contributed to the event; all members of the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club did a super job, the event would not have been possible had it not been for them.”

Players from the Fortune Works Adult Disability Group took part 
Photo courtesy of Steve Rowe 

Notable Names Present
Also present were notable names in Scottish table tennis.

“Part of the team was Corinna Whitaker who is a senior player for the Scotland Women's Tea, she is also an ambassador for Pink Pong”, added Steve Rowe. “Also on hand was Lynda Flaws another member of the Scottish Women’s Team; she took part in the Aerobic Table Tennis session.”

In addition David Wetherill who gained fame for his flying forehand top spin at the London 2012 Paralympic Games was present; his contribution proving invaluable and much appreciated by Steve Rowe. 

left to right Steve Rowe, David Wetherill, Steve Hastings, Liz May and Corinna Whitaker 
Photo courtesy of Steve Rowe 

Big Thanks
“Furthermore, Steve Hastings joined us from Dunfermline Table Tennis Club, who had been raising funds to add towards the final total; we would like to thank Steve for his contribution” continued Steve Rowe. “Also a big thanks to Gina and the gymnastics group for taking part in the evening and to Phil McCallum, from Table Tennis Scotland for his help."

A successful venture and thanks also the principal officials involved; Phil McCallum from Table Tennis Scotland and Terry McLernon MBE, the man at the helm of the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club!

The perfect response all dressed in pink!