Drumchapel Sports Centre
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Complaints Policy

If anyone has a complaint regarding any issues in which Drumchapel Sports Centre is involved. The following steps must be taken. 

1. Should anyone have a complaint regarding issues within the centre, or any person in the centre. The complaint must be put in writing and addressed to the management committee. 

2. If a letter of complaint has been submitted, a meeting of the management committee will meet to discuss the matter in full. 

3. If the committee cannot find a solution to the problem, we will ask for further details. 

4. The management committee will respond to any queries within seven working days. 

5. Minutes of the meeting regarding the complaint will be kept in a separate file.

This policy has been approved & authorised by: 

Name: Corinna Whitaker

Position: Administrator

Date: 29.04.21

Signature: C.Whitaker